Throughout my childhood, I remember my teachers drilling something very important into me:

“Quality over quantity.”

And despite hearing these words over a whole lifetime ago, they still reverberate within me. They have followed me right through my teens, early adulthood, and now into my business life.

The reason I bring this up is because on a daily basis, I see social media posts and networking amongst business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as workers themselves, bragging about waking up at 5am and working through until 10pm – I it worth it? Are you 100% effective all the time?

Peer pressure encourages this, it becomes part of workplace culture and an assumed indicator of success. But, is this the right way of working? Is this truly what we all want to do in our lives? Does it make you a failure if you decide to stay in bed until 8am?

The truth of the matter is this; you don’t have to hustle and grind every second of every single day. A work life balance is very important have a life outside of work; in fact, many people work more effectively when they have had the chance to wind down, spend time with family, and take some time away from work.

And here is another thing; different people work better at different times of the day. Some people do naturally thrive first thing in the morning. They can get up without the need for any coffee, go about and do the work that is required of them to a very high standard, and then wind down for the evening.

On the flip side, some people are not designed to grind from first thing in the morning. Many of us cannot wake up early and get straight to it. We need time to wake up, warm up, and allow our creative juices to flow – but are then more than happy to work into the evening.

And let’s not forget that time in business and work truly is a mirage. What one worker can do may take another colleague two hours to complete or take another one 30 minutes. It’s a balancing act of time versus resources. You see, as I started this article, quality always trumps quantity. It is far more efficient to be able to work at a time that is more beneficial for everyone, use the people around you that have the skills and expertise to create work in a shorter amount of time rather than be slumped over a desk grinding yourself into an early grave with no work like balance, and limited levels of general wellbeing and happiness.

I am a strong believer in that high-quality work will always beat ‘do as much as you can’, and if you too can adopt this attitude; your work life balance will thank you for it.

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