Did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Isn’t it funny how our lives meander and change as we grow older. My 10-year-old self definitely would not have been “a finance broker”. At age 15, I would have said something different again.

It’s natural progression and stepping stones

The one thing that led me to where I am today stems from my desire to help others. I work in the perfect sector for helping SMEs succeed and exceed expectations. I truly believe this desire got me to where I am today. A job that I thoroughly enjoy and am passionate about.

It all started when…

I started life in a family that had their own businesses. This showed me the ups and downs of business from a young age. I strongly believe this is where my desire to help SME’s started to develop. These first-hand experiences fuelled my desire to help business owners achieve goals and aspirations.

As I grew up, I had the pleasure of gaining knowledge, skills and experience through employment with Barclays where I became a Business Banking Manager, again helping and supporting business owners, it was so meaningful and natural to me. However, I found that I could only help my customers in a very limited way, when they deserved more on the bigger picture, the options available to them outside of the banking sector. I always like to go that step further to go above and beyond to help people, this is why I developed my business – Elite Edge Business Services where I could build on my desire, interests, experiences and opening opportunities up for business owners.

There’s no holding me back now

Now, I find myself in a position where I can naturally go above and beyond to help others without being held back by company policies and procedures. My business enables me to oversee the whole process from the start to the finish with my customers feeling well-looked after and satisfied that I have provided them with the best possible service bespoke to them and their individual business.

The perfect mix

I have achieved the perfect mix – a job that I love, enjoy and am good at – whilst also being able to help SMEs with support, finance and training that’s right for them.

My aim is to always assist and support SMEs through my extensive banking skills, customer focus and professional support in providing financial advice and guidance that helps my clients obtain and source the right funding and financial solutions for them.

To discuss finance solutions, development and growth call: 0113 426 7919 or email: info@eliteedgebusiness.co.uk

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