If you want to run a successful business, you can’t back away from the idea of having someone skilled at selling your product or service. That’s why all small business owners need sales training.

You run a business because you are an expert in your field. It also likely means that you wear more than one cap within your business; you might even wear them all. That makes you head of your sales department, or you are the whole department, and if you’ve never held a professional sales position before, it’s likely you’ve never had any formal sales training. Many small businesses, based on a fantastic business idea and run by an expert in the field, will not meet their potential because they lack the skills, knowledge and confidence to turn prospective clients into actual clients. The reality is, every business needs to sell in some capacity.

Let’s take a look at why some business owners don’t think “selling” is right for them, and why that shouldn’t be you.

“But I don’t want to be a pushy sales person!”

Too right. And nor should you be. In decades past, the stereotypical sales person is relentless and forceful, and pressures you into buying something you don’t want, or need, or even understand. Well, we’re not in that world any more. Long gone are the days when the sales person knows more than the client; if knowledge is power, these days we’re all on an even keel. And ultimately you don’t want someone to have your product or service that you know it isn’t right for, because they won’t think much of it, and news travels fast these days. Sales training will teach you the skills to ask your clients the right questions and line you up for repeat business and referrals.

“I’m not bubbly enough to be able to sell!”

While it’s true that some people do seem to be natural conversationalists, and can stroll alone into a party completely unfazed and become the life and soul, this doesn’t need to be you for you to become successful at selling your product or service. You need to be yourself, whoever that may be, and show your sincerity to your clients, because they want to buy from someone they trust. The right sales training will help you build your confidence in approaching clients and build beneficial relationships.

“I run my own business; I don’t have time for training.”

Investing in yourself isn’t just financial, it’s also about how you choose to spend your precious time, and trust me; you’re worth it. Your self-development should not fall to the bottom of the priorities list; learning new skills is a great way of keeping up with rapidly changing times as well as keeping you motivated and focussed. There are also so many flexible ways of learning that you can find a solution that fits in seamlessly around your busy schedule. Plus, a key aspect of successful selling is also a fundamental aspect of running a successful business, and that’s time management. Learning new time management techniques during your sales training can even help you manage your time more effectively as a business. Win win.

“My product sells itself.”

That’s great! And on top of the clients who buy from you under their own steam, just think how many more clients you would have if someone skilled and knowledgeable was helping those sitting on the fence to make an advised buying decision!

Selling doesn’t have to be hard, and neither should it be feared. It’s time to stop neglecting your “sales department” and achieve your business goals through specialised sales training for small business owners.