One thing I love about LinkedIn

The one thing I love about LinkedIn is the wide range of people you get to meet and interact with daily. I’ve just scrolled down one of my recent posts to see comments from accountants, health and safety experts, sales professionals, the list goes on. The great thing about this is that each comment from each individual comes from a specialist. They have become specialist’s because they have focused on their strengths by recognising what their core skills set is and how they can best make use of these skills. In turn, this allows them to help those around them in lots of different ways – personal development, advice, mentoring, opinions, networking, recommendations, thought leadership etc.

You really can’t do everything!

Let’s face it, we all have areas of expertise, strengths and weaknesses. It’s a realistic and practical person that can be honest with themselves in recognising where their weaknesses are and where their time is best spent, once acknowledged they can look to find ways to either improve in genuine areas of interest, or if it is more worthwhile to outsource to another through a complementary relationship that is beneficial to both sides.

Change the routine for the better before it gets the better of you

I was recently chatting with a friend, she told me that her parents founded a business when she was little, and whilst they were very good at what they did and had bags of passion, they would spend lots of time on the tasks they were just not best suited for, accounts and payroll is one of the tasks which would cause them stress, and many late nights. In her words she said:

“If my parents had just hired an accountant, they would have saved so much time and effort. They wanted to run their own books to save funds, but time implications meant other areas of their personal life suffered, but not only that, it stopped them from focusing on what they were good at. They would have achieved so much more had they invested in a specialist to overcome their weak areas.”

Weaknesses can take up so much of our time

Spend time on your strengths, weaknesses that cannot be overcome should be delegated/outsourced to those best placed. There are professionals out there whose strengths are your weakness, they can become a good fit and an extension to your business team.

Invest in the right areas of your business. If you’re not sure how let us help talk this through with you in a way that will help you and your business grow.

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