LinkedIn is a social media channel for professionals

Over the years, there’s no denying that LinkedIn has grown into perhaps the best social platform for business. It’s helped me develop a high-volume network of strong contacts that interact on a daily basis. This is what social media is for, right? To be social!

Recently, my network has been asking how I achieved my LinkedIn followers to understand the strategy applied. I haven’t applied a fixed strategy or a ‘game plan’. On review of my LinkedIn activity and what has gained the best results I can say that my success lies in the fact that I treat LinkedIn as I do face to face business networking, I talk to people in a natural manner.

We have all been to a networking event, right?

Networking provides the opportunity to speak with like-minded business individuals, all of which have their own opinions, insights and viewpoints. The same applies to LinkedIn.

A networking event always goes better when people have conversations and discussions. If you can converse with another business owner, you can open the door to wonderful opportunities that will develop beneficial long-term relationships. LinkedIn is the same, you’ve got to be seen to be heard, there’s no hiding in the shadows, otherwise, no one will see or hear you!

We all buy from people we like

Social media sees a number of generic, robotic posts about businesses, why they’re good, and why people should buy, but this lacks the personal approach, it lacks personality. What you want is for your connections to understand you as a person, and to start to form a likeness towards you. You want common ground that’s meaningful and creates a shared understanding, it’s social media after all, not a classified ads board.

Keep it positive, keep it social

If you see a post that you don’t agree with, just move on. If you were at a networking meeting you wouldn’t intercept a conversation and say; ‘please stop talking about your children! This is for business!’

Finally, I always say, keep it social, you’re on a social media platform after all. If you wouldn’t say it in person, or in public, it’s best not to say it on social media. Always be professional, polite, and most of all be yourself, with this approach you can’t go far wrong.

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