Many people claim to offer great customer service. The reality is, most only offer good service at best. You may get what you want out of the meeting, but the rest is completely forgettable. You can probably count on one hand the number of experiences you’ve had where someone really had the “wow” factor. Being different is how you move from good to great; being memorable is how you become a pro.

When was the last time you were on your way to a meeting and you stopped to get yourself a coffee on the way? Did you call ahead to see if your client wanted something picking up? Try it! It’s a great way to show you are thinking about your client.

Someone in the sales profession will consider the purpose of the meeting to make a sale, but a professional sales person will view the purpose of the meeting to help their client. People don’t want to be sold to; it has connotations of a winner and a loser. When a client buys from you, both parties should be winners. Work on changing your attitude towards meetings and to consider yourself a consultant.

Keep up with the client and their business on social media such as LinkedIn. Take the time to send a message to congratulate people on their promotions and achievements, or if the business wins an award. You are showing your client that you have a genuine interest in them and their business.

Make it personal. Take note of names, and not just the person you are meeting with; learn the names of others in the business. Pay attention to detail; if someone mentions their birthday, write down the date and send an email. Make sure your clients know you appreciate their business; a small gesture such as a thank you card can make a big impression.
What do you think makes a great client experience? And how do you make your service unique?