So Contented

Exceptional content is the key to growing your business. From content creation to strategy consultation, So Contented can help you to communicate your brand messages and values effectively. Everyone should love your brand as much as you do!

Member of the FSB

Elite Edge Business Finance are proud to be members of the FSB.  The FSB offer members a wide range of vital business services including advice, financial expertise, support and a powerful voice in government.

Member of the West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

Elite Edge Business Finance are proud to be members of the Chamber of Commerce.

The Northern Affinity

The Northern Affinity is coming soon; a collaboration of dynamic Northern businesses, powering growth and development.

In Business

In Business is here to help you learn new business skills through our educational seminars and workshops, while growing your network of professional advocates.

Shoo Social Media 

Shoo Social Media Ltd are specialists in helping enhance a businesses brand awareness, build powerful connections and empowering individuals online. We do this through delivering the right solutions and support to businesses, using cutting edge tools and techniques to ensure what we do works, in the real world; while saving you time to concentrate on what you are best at.

Virtual Hand

Offering traditional PA type services as well as document creation, proofreading and invoice chasing led to growing her team to offer marketing skills to include email marketing, social media and blog writing. With a background in training and coaching Virtual Hand now serves other trainers and coaches (and many other sectors) to raise their profile, grow their business and have more time to do what they love

Apply online for finance or contact us for a bespoke broker service.  We work with over 150 funders to ensure we help your SME business grow and thrive.