It’s fine to love your job, but would you actually do it if you didn’t need to?

I once read a quote that has really resonated with me over the years: “No one on their deathbed says that they wish they’d spent more time in the office.”

Think about this for a moment

We spend most of our lives working. Many of us spend more time with our work colleagues than we do our families. And for many of us, that’s fine, it’s pretty much the way it’s always been and will continue to be for most people. This is easier if we do enjoy the work that we do, but, if I asked you:

“Would you go to work the next day if you won say £20 million on the lottery?”

What would your answer be?

When I ask people this many say ‘yes’, I would still go to work. That’s because many of us see the benefits that work brings to us as individual’s, it’s more than just money, it’s so many other things, like the ability for us to help others, meeting new people, helping a business grow and succeed. But at times, is that sacrifice worth taking time away from your family? It’s always a tough one isn’t it, that balancing act.

I have a strong family ethos and my life priorities come in the order of:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Business

You see, if I can look after my own health, ensure that both mentally and physically I am performing well, and that I can survive to a high standard, I can then provide and care for my family. By taking my health seriously, I can look after those around me. We all love our families and the main reason why we work is to provide for those we love, it’s only natural, you want to do your best.

And finally, business. I do absolutely love what I do and more than anything enjoy the fact that I can help others. However, I work primarily for my family, so if I were to win the lottery, I would most certainly take a step back and spend more time with my loved ones, explore the world and see all that is available on offer in this glorious life.

A welcome reminder

It acts as a welcome reminder, to understand what we love and why, but the love of ourselves is the greatest gift of all in being able to love everything and everyone else around us that matters to us. So, you’re allowed to love your job, you’re allowed to love your family and aim to achieve a work life balance that’s right for you. Don’t ever forget the real reason why you work to keep sight of those priorities.

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