Firstly, a confession; I am writing this blog with a motive. I am the Sales Director at a training company that specialises in Sales Training, and businesses seeing the benefits of training their sales staff would of course be in my best interests.

That said, my passion for small and medium sized businesses, and what is in their best interests, is genuine; I have worked for businesses of different sizes, but have enjoyed working for the smaller companies so much more. It feels great to be part of something where you know you are making a difference. If you are in a sales team of 2 or 3 people, what you do is critical to the company you work for; I loved that feeling.

And this is why I started Elite Edge Training; to make a difference to the people who make a difference for their company. I love to see people get better at what they do. I wanted to be able to provide a service that companies who have less than 10 sales staff can use, and most importantly, greatly benefit from. The pain points of smaller businesses (in most cases) are resourcing, availability of funds for training and time; I wanted to create the availability of training that could help small businesses, and those crucial sales people in small businesses, get the development they both need and deserve.

In my discussions with small businesses owners or sales managers there is a perception that sales training “isn’t for the likes of them”. They believe taking their staff out for full days and spending large amounts of money for the individual to leave a few months later is not a good use of their resources. You may be surprised that I say this, but I believe they are 100% correct. Coming from a family who have owned a small to medium sized organisation, I remember the stresses and strains that running a business has on family life, and this experience was one of my main motivators for setting up Elite Edge Training.

So here’s my sales plug. We offer Sales Training that can be delivered either pre-recorded, live online or face to face. We tailor it to your requirements or budget. The online sessions last around 30 minutes and the face to face no more than 2 hours. Online sessions can be taken once a week and face to face sessions once a month. By structuring the courses with small to medium sized business in mind, I’ve looked to address the problem of taking your valuable resources out of the company for lengthy periods of time. I believe in continuous development and not one off hits; your employees feel continually valued, not just once a year. I want to get to know you and your business and for Elite Edge Training to be a valued business partner, not just another training company.

Please see the 2 minute video on our website for more details

The second issue is affordability. As the sessions are weekly or monthly, the cost can be spread over a period of time. The live online sessions can be tailored to your requirements at a much reduced cost to traditional training; face to face training may cost a little bit more, but you do have the benefits of greater interaction. However, the choice is yours. What works for you? We can deliver 1 online session for you or a year-long monthly face to face course. The key is that it works for you and your team.

So that’s the sales pitch over…. Almost.

Our method might not be for everyone, but we have found that if you have a small sales team, our courses work really well. If you are interested in what we do and how we do things, we are holding some free online taster sessions. Please see for more details. Send me an email or give me a call and we can have a coffee and chat about your requirements to see how Elite Edge Training can help you and your team.