Do you need a unique selling point (USP)?

A lot of business plans I see talk about a USP – or a unique selling point. Put simply, we all know that a USP can be the differentiating factor between you and a competitor, whether it’s price based, quality based, or service based.

Why have a USP?

The need for a USP or trying to work out a USP is understandable – we all want to stand out from the crowd, be different and offer something unique to the marketplace. However, in reality it is becoming increasingly difficult to establish and keep a USP. Sure, there may be an idea that comes through occasionally, which is innovative, brand-new, unheard of, and has a lead advantage to offer over the competition. Uber is a great example of this, they embraced technology to differentiate, they were unlike any other.

Sure, you may argue that the people within an organisation make it unique, but can this be packaged, how was it achieved, how is it maintained? There’s so much to think about.

We are all unique and it is down to personal opinion on what creates this uniqueness

You see, we all have an opinion. I have a strong belief that there is enough business out there for all of us. We don’t all have to fight over business like an enduring game of Monopoly, we can still run them without a clear-cut USP.

What’s the investment?

Instead of spending hours and investing lots of money in trying to decipher what your USP focuses on what you do well, and how you can communicate this to your target audience. And, remember, it’s ok to offer the same as a competitor, the main focus should be on communicating the benefits you offer, far and wide.

What are you delivering?

As long as you are delivering something of value, quality, cost-effective solutions, or purely brilliant work for your customers, then surely it doesn’t really matter if you have a USP? Surely, by consistently going above and beyond and demonstrating to your customers that you care about what you achieve for them, then this will go a long way in helping you stand out from the competition?

Nail it!

Once you have nailed that system, communicate it and demonstrate it so that everyone can see what you do, how you do it and why you do it – it’s this combination that can set you apart.

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