We want people to be effective

For centuries, we have believed that the best way to get the most from our employees and colleagues is to keep them chained to a desk.

Some call it micro-management, some call it the ‘Big Brother’ approach, but this approach is no longer the norm. It isn’t the best way to manage and keep an employee, or get the most out of them. It doesn’t ensure optimum performance and quality outputs. So, is this really the way to treat people you work with? Do employees feel truly valued, fulfilled, empowered and positively challenged? I hear a resounding ‘No’.

We are in the digital age

We are in the digital age, we have a progressive workforce that demands new ways of working in line with the technology available. Equipping a workforce with the necessary tools that are up to date allows them to take full control of their responsibilities, with access to the right people and support networks. New ways of working are cost effective, efficient and empowering, which in turn makes employees feel valued. A valued employee is loyal and increasingly knowledgeable, they go above and beyond and can make a ‘real’ contribution towards business growth.

Flexible working is the future

Gone are the days where the work  to be completed is sat on just one computer. These days, the invent of the Cloud has allowed for work to be completed anytime and anywhere. And with this, we have the ability for flexible working hours i any location.

A team member who needs to finish a project on time to a very high standard could complete this work from the comfort of their own home, in an environment where their creative juices flow, with no distractions. The quality of work is higher and completed on-time, so why force an employee to work from a desk with someone looking over their shoulder?

The workforce want flexibility

Set work hours in the same location day after day drives down staff morale. Employees want flexible ways of working, give them this and your sick days will reduce massively, staff turnover will improve and outputs will improve together with standards. Plus, office overheads reduce as you don’t need as many people in as many buildings at any one time.

The right working environment

I am sure when you started your business, you aimed for a work environment that embraced development. A two-way appreciation and a place where people can truly be themselves to perform to the best of their abilities. A flexible approach fully encourages this and instils trust and loyalty.

Now is the time to consider the quality of work over quantity. A flexible approach can work for each  individual to bring out the best in them, and work to their strengths. Each member of a team thinks and works differently, embrace individuality.

Different people are productive at different times of day, it’s no longer a ‘one size fits all’. What can you do to ensure you embrace individuality to push staff morale to the highest levels, reduce overheads, staff turnover and sick days?

In 20 years 90% of the workforce will require digital skills, so let’s focus on the future to create a business for the future.

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