The issue with having a service business

One of the very best sales lessons I have ever learned was to:

“Always sell the benefits, never the features.”

Businesses and brands whom have cracked this code and put this theory into practice are successful and can show that they always go above and beyond.

The Wolf of Wall Street

If you’ve seen the movie, “The Wolf of Wall Street”, you’ll remember that great scene where the lead protagonist, Jordan Belfort, turns to his new sales team and tells them one by one to “sell me this pen”, and one by one they all stutter. So next, one of his peers grabs the pen and says to Belfort:

“You want me to sell you this pen?” He looks at it for a second, then comes back with “ok, have you got some paper?”, Next, their conversation goes like this:

Jordan Belfort: “Yeah I do.”

Peer: “Great, I need you to write something down for me.”

Jordan Belfort: “Well I don’t have a pen.”

Peer: “There we go…”

Don’t get caught up in the features

You see, we can get so caught up in the features of what we are selling that we forget why people want what we have to offer. From the above conversation, do the majority of people buy a pen because of how it looks, what it feels like in the hand, or the colour of the ink? For example, many people will buy a pen if they can understand how they will look in front of their clients when holding a great looking pen that fits in the hand comfortably and stands the test of time.

Another example…

Another example is when you go to a garden centre, you might see people looking at and buying spades. But why are these people buying a spade? It’s not because they woke up that morning and decided to buy a spade, it’s because they decided they need a hole, for whatever reason. See where this is going now…

At Elite Edge one of the services we offer is in helping SMEs borrow money, but no one wants to borrow money, what they do want is to invest in their business to take it to the next level. So, moving forward, ask yourself this:

When a customer buys a product or service from me, what is it they truly want? It’s very rare that people need exactly what you offer, what they do want is an end result of what that product or service can bring.

Keep the benefit of a product or service in mind

Keeping the benefit of a product or service in mind throughout all your sales and marketing activities keeps the focus on the end user and what they are looking to achieve makes it easier to communicate your key business messages and sell your products and services.

Remember! If you are selling a drill, you are selling the ability to create holes.

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