This morning…

This morning, I ran out of milk, so I drove to the shop, once there I used a self-service checkout to pay for some milk. When I jumped back into the car the petrol light was on, so I called at the garage and used the ‘pay-at-pump’ function before heading home. As I opened the front door, on the doormat was a parcel that I’d ordered just the day before. That’s three automated transactions in just one morning – no communication with a person at any point.

Trends in B2C

I’m sure you’re noticing the same trend in the business to consumer (B2C) market. Relationships between retailer and consumer are becoming less personal. Sure, there is still a strong relationship between the consumer and the brand, but that personal relationship is dwindling fast. Will we see the same trend in business to business (B2B) relationships too?

Self-serve initiatives are increasingly apparent, to the point where businesses can secure services and products without ever needing to speak to one another, or develop a personal relationship. It’s easy to go online and extend your business overdraft for example without talking to anyone.

Will this trend continue to grow?

It’s hard to say how much this trend will continue. One thing to keep in mind is that there was once a time when retailers and people working in the B2C sector would never have believed just how far we have come in terms of self-serving shops and how far removed the personal relationship can be. So, if this is the case in B2C could it happen in B2B?

Elite Edge recently launched an online portal just for SMEs – Eclipse Edge Funder Finder – to enable business owners to search for appropriate funders. When we set Funder Finder up we weren’t sure how well it would be received, but the ease of access to over 150 funders has proved extremely popular in securing funds for improvement and growth quickly. And, knowing we are available to support or provide advice reassures business owners.

The importance of personal relationships

Time will only tell how important personal relationships will remain in the B2B sector, at Elite there extremely important. As a business owner always plan, keep your proposition fresh and ensure your key messages are on point to meet your business objectives. Change is the only constant so let’s work together to improve your business finances and grow. Just get in touch on: 0113 426 7919 or email:

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