At Elite Edge we understand that your time is precious!

Elite Edge Business Finance is a Leeds (West Yorkshire) based organisation.

Our mission is simple; to help businesses survive, grow and thrive.

Our passion is simple; help business owners grow their business to ensure they can offer themselves and their family the life they deserve.

We understand that acquiring finance to meet your needs is often complex and time consuming only to result in rejection.  Elite Edge Business Finance has access to over 150 lenders who want to help you.  We do the work in sourcing and negotiating with lenders so you can spend time doing what you do best.  We have lenders in multiple areas including;

  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Investment Mortgages
  • Short term / Cashflow finance
  • Development finance
  • Invoice finance
  • Buy to Let
  • Regulated Secured Loans
  • Pension Led funding
  • Unsecured loans
  • Spot Factoring
  • Business cash Advance
  • Asset Finance
  • Peer to peer funding
  • Business & Debtor Insurance

Why Elite Edge?

We understand that your time is precious. We also know that great results don’t just happen overnight. At Elite Edge, we don’t believe in searching for the silver bullet; what we offer is a relationship. We want to truly understand your business, and be able to offer you the best and most relevant services.

It is vital that you understand all your options when you are looking to finance the growth of your business.  Therefore we have partnered with over 150 different lenders who offer various solutions to meet the needs of your unique business.  We will do the work for you to find the right partners and present a solution to you.

Director Profile

I’m Michael Edwards, and I’m at the helm of Elite Edge Business Services.

I am passionate about helping businesses grow and thrive to help Owners and Directors get the life they deserve for both themselves and their family.

I was brought up in a Self-employed household.  I understand the setbacks, the risks, the worries and the sleepless nights that many business owners experience.  This fuelled my passion to build a company that helps organisations survive, grow and thrive.

As an experienced financial services professional I am passionate about the role funding can play in any organisation.  Elite Edge has partnered with over 150 lenders to ensure there is almost always a solution our there for you.  We understand the traditional route of funding through your bank is not always possible and with in many cases there is a less personalised approach to your relationship with your bank.  We endeavour to change that and inform, help and guide you dependent on your needs, wants and goals.

Apply online for finance or contact us for a bespoke broker service.  We work with over 150 funders to ensure we help your SME business grow and thrive.